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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of Myrtle Beach attractions that are family-friendly and easily found throughout the South Carolina Grand Strand. From iconic museums to cool animal parks, visitors will find no shortage of Myrtle Beach attractions to discover that the entire crew will enjoy on your next trip!

Why not take the kids to one of the top water parks in the world? Or spend a day hanging out with the local alligators and reptiles that call coastal South Carolina home. There are also plenty of local museums designed just for kids, some of which will blow visitors away with an array of interactive and completely mind-boggling exhibits.

Additional Myrtle Beach attractions include hundreds of local restaurants that will cater to all tastes, ferris wheels and amusement parks that are simply thrilling and dozens of historical markers scattered throughout the coastal SC region that mark the area’s role in centuries of American history.

Spend some time at these incredible Myrtle Beach attractions and make a collection of unforgettable memories while having a spectacular time discovering all the wonders of the South Carolina shoreline.

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