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Myrtle Beach Vineyards & Wineries

A colorful bouquet, a robust body, and an excellent vintage are a few of the many phrases one can associate with fine wines. Wine can be enjoyed and experienced on many different occasions such as birthdays, holidays, celebrating a promotion, or just enjoying time with loved ones. Vacations are a perfect time to pour a glass of vino as you are in the perfect mindset and atmosphere to relax and enjoy. Many people may instantly think of California and the Napa Valley when the subject of wine arises, but visitors will be pleasantly surprised if you perchance to visit some of the Myrtle Beach vineyards and wineries: little known hidden gems that produce some of the most delectable wine you’ll taste on your next vacation to the Myrtle Beach area.

La Belle Amie Vineyard is located on the northern end of the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach in Little River, South Carolina. It is a popular vineyard to visit and has an interesting history being part of a former tobacco plantation owned by the Bellamy family since the 1800s. Indeed, La Belle Amie is the European origin of the family name and translates to “the beautiful friend.” Friends, family and all visitors can expect to enjoy a variety of reds, whites and rose wines when they visit the tasting room. For only $5 dollars, guests can sample any six wines of their choice and keep their tasting glass. You’ll be taken through the five steps of wine tasting by La Belle Amie experts and learn how to recognize the different aromas and tastes. Make sure you don’t leave without purchasing some of their uniquely named bottles of wine such as Sugar Daddy (a sweet muscadine red), Queen of Fun (a white chenin blanc), or Pick Me, Pick Me (a dry, red wine). Visit La Belle Amie Vineyard at 1120 St. Joseph Road (Corner of Hwy. 90 and St. Joseph Road) just outside of North Myrtle Beach, SC 29566 or call 843-399-WINE for more information.

Just a short drive north of Myrtle Beach lies the small but beautiful Grapefull Sisters Vineyard. Offering bed and breakfast accommodations as well as a vineyard, this is the perfect spot for those looking for a quiet getaway for the day or overnight or just a day trip to enjoy some delicious wines. Offering daily wine tastings at $5 per person, guests can sample an array of wines made from the Muscadine grapes that are grown here. If you are a fan of sweet wines, try their Picnic Red which they affectionately call their “kissing wine!” Perhaps the Waccamaw White is the way to go, with a smooth and crisp finish sure to please any white wine fan. The Grapefull Sisters Vineyard also hosts weddings, family reunions, and other special events and will assist with anything needed to help make it an event to remember. Visit the Grapefull Sisters Vineyard in Longs, South Carolina and call 910-653-2944 for more information and directions.

Come taste some of the best of Carolina wines at the Carolina Vineyards Winery. The vineyard is located in Chester, South Carolina but visitors can sample the wines that are produced there at a convenient location right at Barefoot Landing, another great attraction of the Grand Strand. The Winery’s tasting room is open daily and for just $3, visitors can sample any seven of Carolina Vineyard’s wines. For just a $1 more, you can purchase their winery logo glass. They invite you to “taste the flavors of the south” and flavors abound in wines such as the Blackberry Merlot, the Barefoot Blush (a blueberry, peach blend), and the Crescent Moon (a peach, chardonnay blend). Come visit the Carolina Vineyards Winery today at 4922 Highway 17 South in North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 and call 843-361-9181 for more information.

Try something new this vacation and visit one of these great vineyards today. Commemorate your visit and your vacation with a special souvenir bottle to take home and enjoy. When you sip the wine from any of these three locations, it will bring a smile to your face and great vacation memories to mind.

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