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Children’s Museum of South Carolina

Museums might not seem like something the kids would want to do while on vacation, but bring them to the Children’s Museum of South Carolina and you will have a hard time getting them to leave! Located across from the Myrtle Beach Convention center in the heart of the Grand Strand of South Carolina, this interactive and amazingly fun and educational museum will allow all visitors to experience the wonders of the surrounding area and the world we live in. While having fun, kids will also have a chance for learning and self-discovery within a unique environment.

The Children’s Museum offers many exhibits that are sure to stimulate and delight the minds of all ages. Learn important facts and information in the Discover South Carolina exhibit where you can identify shells in the Sand Boat and learn about habitats and reptiles local to our area. Have your child discover their inner Van Gogh or Picasso at the Express Yourself Art Center, where kids can paint masterpieces and make arts and crafts in an exhibit that changes weekly in order to keep creative minds fresh and new. In the Hurricane Simulator, feel what it is like to experience seventy-eight mile per hour winds and learn how to be safe during hurricanes and tropical storms.

Seek out fossils or authentic minerals at the Gem and Fossil Mining exhibit. More than sixteen fossils and gemstones can be discovered as you sift through a flume of running water. Feel the excitement of discovery as you get to keep whatever you find as a memento of this exhibit. At the It’s Electric exhibit, you will discover how much energy it takes to create electricity as you attempt to generate the necessary power to light up a city. This is an excellent exhibit for teaching the importance of teamwork as families work together to build circuits and generate the needed electricity. Are your kids pizza lovers? Then bring them to the Pizza Delivery Truck exhibit where kids can create and bake a pizza and learn the mathematics of fractions and counting…math has never been this much fun!

The Children’s Museum is continuously growing and always looking to provide new exhibits that will continue to spark the excitement of learning and discovery for children and adults. The museum will soon offer a News Desk exhibit, which will allow participants to sit and report the news from a news desk or stand at a green screen to give a weather report…perfect for a future Diane Sawyer or Tom Brokaw. There will also be a South Carolina Fossil hunt where little paleontologists can dig through sand and look for ocean animal fossils more than sixty million years old! Many more exciting exhibits will be coming soon that will be the ultimate fun and educational experience.

The Children’s Museum of South Carolina is a great place to let your kids’ imaginations take flight and to learn many important things about our world and the wonders it holds. Stop by the museum today and get ready for learning and fun that will be a great memory for your vacation. Learning and fun are located at 2501 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 and call 843-946-9469 for more information.

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