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Myrtle Beach Pirate Adventures

Ahoy Mateys! The Carolinas possess a rich history of pirate lore and tales of adventure on the high seas. When bringing young ones to the beach for a vacation, it’s easy to indulge their imaginations with tales of the fierce Blackbeard the Pirate, sunken pirate ships and buried treasure. This vacation, give your little pirates the experience that will shiver their timbers in the best and most exciting way possible. Come to Pirate Adventures, where your kids will have the chance to become real pirates and get to sail on a pirate adventure in search of treasure!

Located along the Marshwalk at the Crazy Sister Marina in beautiful Murrells Inlet, Pirate Adventures gives an opportunity to experience a thrilling adventure that may have been a typical day for pirates of olden days. Your kids will get to dress up like a pirate and get some free face painting and kid-friendly tattoos. Maybe a pirate vest and bandana, perhaps a skull tattoo or a pirate mustache? The choice is theirs and the change from angelic youth to fearsome pirate begins prior to boarding the pirate ship for their voyage, the Sea Gypsy. Once aboard, the transformation becomes complete as they will learn the proper pirate lingo and also learn the rules of the Sea Gypsy.

While cruising through the beautiful waterways of Murrells Inlet, the young pirates will learn more about the rules at sea and will begin to explore a treasure map that will lead them to sunken treasure. But perhaps their quest for the treasure may be in vain when they find a floating message in a bottle that warns them of danger ahead. The message claims that Pirate Pete, the stinkiest and most horrible pirate of the Seven Seas is hiding in secret nearby and claims to have something the treasure-seeking crew needs. Will Pirate Pete make an attack on the Sea Gypsy and its crew to prevent them from finding the sunken treasure? If so, special water cannons will be at the ready and will be sure to defeat any evil pirate who gets in their way!

As the seventy-five-minute pirate voyage comes to an end, the young pirate crew will successfully complete their mission as they locate the sunken treasure and head back to port. Each pirate will take home a part of the much sought-after treasure and will also take home a vacation memory that will last a lifetime. Pirate Adventures is a fun and exciting experience for local residents as well. Have your child’s next birthday party aboard the Sea Gypsy and give them the chance to pull up sunken birthday treasure! Field trip voyages will provide important history lessons and will fire the imaginations of all students. Pirate Adventures also provides charters to adults and proves that you can be a pirate at any age by providing opportunities for company outings or corporate events. Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the inlet and allow your cares to float away.

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