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Myrtle Beach Mexican Restaurants & Latin Cuisine

Be sure to check out these delicious Myrtle Beach Mexican restaurants on you next vacation to the Grand Strand in coastal South Carolina.


Abuelo’s is a chain but we’ll include it here for its muy bueno enchiladas, tacos and fajitas. Abuelo is Spanish for grandparent or ancestor, and that name is well suited to the traditional Mexican style of cooking and serving chicken, seafood, beef and desserts. 740 Coastal Grande Circle at Coastal Grand Mall.

Burro Loco

Burro Loco has all the usual Mexican favorites but its claim to fame is 16 different kinds of margaritas. Try them all and you’ll be loco too. 960 Jason Boulevard.

Key West Grill

Key West Grill serves up Spanish, Cuban and Calusa Indian delicacies in the form of burgers, fresh fish, crab cakes and chicken. Also meet Kiwi, the resident Macaw. 1214 Celebrity Circle, Broadway at the Beach.

Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse

Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse will introduce the uninitiated to the South American tradition of gauchos roaming the dining room with various cuts of lamb, pork, beef, chicken and sausage, enticing diners to take a taste. You can ignore these fellows if you prefer and opt for the salad bar loaded with hot vegetables, cold seafood salads, sushi, steamed shrimp, bread, cheese, and salad items. 2920 Hollywood Drive.
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