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About Little River South Carolina

Little River, South Carolina may be small and could almost be overlooked by those who are seeking the bright lights and crowds of Myrtle Beach. However, visitors to this small, historical fishing town will be pleasantly surprised at how much it has to offer in terms of entertainment, great dining, fun activities and much more.

Little River has a rich history that can appeal to any history buff. Fishermen and farmers settled here in the late 1600s making it one of the oldest settlements along the coast. Indian tribes of the area called the local stream Mineola which translated to “little river” and thus gave the area its name. The small river area was a haven for pirates and shipwreck survivors who were looking to have a place to rest and make repairs to their ships. Local lore alludes to infamous pirates such as Blackbeard, Anne Bonney and Captain Kidd making appearances. President George Washington visited Little River in April 1791 during his Southern tour while traveling the King’s Highway. The Village became quite prosperous in the mid-1800s while shipping lumber and naval stores to the north. Stores, churches, schools and more were popping up but most of this progress was wiped out due to the Civil War. The town reluctantly saw an increase of pirates, blockade runners and smugglers during this time but the building of roads used for transporting goods in the early 1900s put an end to this type of sea traffic. Today, Little River is primarily and famously known for its commercial fishing which provides much of the fresh local seafood that can be found and enjoyed in many of the local restaurants.

For casual dining, great local seafood and a beautiful view of the Intracoastal Waterway, visitors can go to Crab Catchers or Captain Juel’s Hurricane for delicious fresh caught fish, shrimp, oysters and more. There is also fine dining to be found in Little River. Visitors can dine on excellent Italian dishes such as veal marsala and osso buocco at Chianti South. The Parson’s Table, located inside of an old church, provides great ambiance and dishes such as rack of lamb, filet with crab and béarnaise sauce and many other fine culinary delights. Make sure you work up an appetite when you visit Little River as these restaurants and many more will be sure to tempt and delight your taste buds.

Fans of Las Vegas can try their luck on one of two casino boats, SunCruz Aquasino and The Big “M” Casino boat, which will allow you to play blackjack, poker, slots and more out on international waters. Nature lovers can visit the historical Vreen’s Memorial Gardens to gaze at beautiful, local flowers, trees, and greenery. La Belle Amie Vinyard hosts wine tastings and vineyard tours regularly for those looking to sample local wines. There are also many quaint shops for visitors to pick up that perfect vacation souvenir.

Little River is also home of the famous Blue Crab Festival that occurs each year in May. If you miss that, be sure to visit later in the year to enjoy the Shrimp and Jazz Festival or Oktoberfest in the fall. Despite its small size in demographics and population, Little River more than makes up for it in all of the wonderful activities it has to offer for vacationers and locals alike. Come visit Little River today and let the good times begin!


Fishing In Little River

Activities in Little River are numerous and fun. For the fishing enthusiast, consider a half or full day fishing charter with Longway Fishing Charters or Double “R” Charters, where you can get the opportunity to catch a wide variety of fish from the Atlantic Ocean. Jet Skis can be rented on the waterfront for a ride out on the Intracoastal Waterway.

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