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Medieval Times Myrtle Beach SC

Going out for dinner usually adds a new level of fun and excitement to a vacation since it is a change from the everyday routine of eating at home. This vacation, attend a dinner experience like no other that will leave you with a vacation memory that lasts for years. Imagine eating a delicious dinner while you watch horses thunder past you, brave and fearsome knights engage in steel clashing sword fights, jousting tournaments and falconry displays and much more. No, you are not eating your dinner in front of the television. You have been swept back to a time of chivalry, bravery, and epic battles…all yours to experience and enjoy at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, one of the most exciting dinner shows in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A feast for the eyes as well as your stomach, you will experience the glory of the Middle Ages when the pageantry and gallantry of knights, charging horses and kings and queens were at their finest.

Prepare to be dazzled by feats of strength as you watch some of the most courageous knights in all the land battle each other in hand to hand combat on their mighty steeds and on foot. Will you cheer for the Blue Knight, the champion of the defenseless? Perhaps the Red and Yellow Knight, who earned the title “Lion’s Heart” for his undiminished fighting determination. Pick your favorite from these or several other brave knights who fight for the realm and the chance to proudly fly their colors in victory. Gaze in wonder as the Master of Horse brings out the kingdom’s prized collection of purebred Spanish stallions and presents to you dazzling displays of incredible horsemanship. The Royal Falconer will surely impress guests with his birds of prey, including a flight of the royal falcon right above your heads! Be enthralled as you witness a jousting tournament before your very eyes as horses and riders gallop towards each other with lances competing to unseat each other in order to capture top honors bestowed by members of the royal court.

With all of the amazing events unfolding right before your very eyes, how can anyone even remember to eat dinner? The delectable smells will soon jog your memory! Prepare to eat like medieval royalty as you feast upon creamy tomato bisque soup, succulent oven-roasted chicken, a juicy spare rib, a perfectly seasoned herb-basted potato and toasty garlic bread. If you have room for dessert after that fine fare, a sweet, flaky pastry is the perfect end to your medieval feast. Select non-alcoholic beverages are available to quench your thirst and Medieval Times is happy to provide a vegetarian meal with advanced notice. By the way, if it appears that a serf or serving wench forgot to leave you some silverware do not worry. Everyone eats medieval-style here…minus forks and knives. Kids, this may be your only chance to eat with your fingers so enjoy!



Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a great way to have dinner out but with a spectacular show to be enjoyed while you eat. Located at 2904 Fantasy Way, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29579, visitors can call 1-866-543-9637 for more information and tickets. The castle opens 90 minutes prior to the two-hour show and seating is first come first serve so plan to arrive early to get a good seat and have a chance to visit the extensive gift shop and museum of medieval torture beforehand. Visit Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament today and let the games begin!

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