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About North Myrtle Beach SC

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The City of North Myrtle Beach is made up of four beaches: Crescent Beach, Ocean Drive Beach, Windy Hill Beach and Cherry Grove Beach. It’s sometimes hard to say where one stops and the next one starts, and maybe that’s why they joined together in 1968 to form one pure and simple North Myrtle Beach. The town is bounded on the west by the Intracoastal Waterway and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. You can catch a sunrise over the ocean and see the sunset on the ICW, so bring a camera to remember these breathtaking sunset views.

North Myrtle Beach Attractions

The area now consists of nine miles of white sandy beaches, as well as a variety of activities including water sports, charter fishing trips, a fishing pier, and some of the area’s favorite attractions. From the thrilling Alligator Adventure where you’ll encounter a variety of reptiles to bicycle tours and Ghost Walks you are sure to stay busy in North Myrtle Beach SC. Explore a number of area attractions below!

  • Alabama Theater

    Another Alabama Theater is at Barefoot Landing, an offshoot of the location in Myrtle Beach, with the same style of live musical performances. Call 843-272-1111.

  • Alligator Adventure

    Alligator Adventure bills itself as The Reptile Capital of the World. Among its extensive collection are alligators, crocodiles, snakes, Galapagos tortoises, river otters, beavers, frogs, lizards, turtles, tropical birds, tigers, cats, lemurs and bats. Live shows include Alligator Live Feedings (they leap out of the water to gulp down a meal), Alligator Handling and Lecture (no wrestling; sorry) and Snake Handling (some lucky child gets to wear a snake as a hat). Find all this at 4604 Highway 17 adjacent to Barefoot Landing, or call 843-361-0789

  • Barefoot Landing

    Barefoot Landing is a cluster of shops, restaurants, and entertainment on the banks of a 27-acre lake in North Myrtle Beach. It is reminiscent of an old fishing village, with lots of boardwalks, docks, and three pedestrian bridges that criss-cross the lake, designed to showcase migratory waterfowl and exotic fish. From June through September, nightly events are scheduled along the walkways and boardwalks. Monday night it’s Nick Pike, comedian, juggler, and unicyclist, along with kids’ karaoke, Spunky T. Clown doing face painting, Peppermint the Clown doing balloon animals, Joe Joe the Magician creating illusions, and a stilt walker roaming the docks. A fireworks show over the lake starts at 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, it’s Nick Pike, Joe Joe, and a stilt walker. On Wednesday a boardwalk parade begins at 7 p.m., Five Star Farms gives camel rides and provides a petting zoo, and the Shoreline Marching Band goes on the march. You’ll also get Joe Joe, Spunky, Peppermint and a stilt walker. Thursdays it’s Joe Joe, Nick Pike, and a stilt walker. Friday it’s Joe Joe, Nick Pike, and The Bronze Statue. Saturday, it’s the stilt walker, and on Sunday it’s kids’ karaoke, Joe Joe, Spunky, Peppermint and Nick Pike.

  • Bodacious Bob’s Beach Bicycle Tours

    Bodacious Bob’s Beach Bicycle Tours are just up the road in Little River and will rent you any number of contraptions with wheels on them. Better yet, go on any one (or all) of the guided bicycle tours—Historic Little River Waterfront Tour, Indigo Farms Tour, Ocean Isle Beach Tour, Silver Coast Winery Tour or Sunset Beach Tour. Find them at 2116 Lexington Circle, Little River, or call 843-241-2731.

  • Cherry Grove Fishing Pier

    Cherry Grove Fishing Pier offers some of the best fishing on the coast. Record catches here include a 1,780-pound tiger shark and a 98-pound tarpon. The pier is 985 feet long and has a two-story observation deck. Visit 3500 North Ocean Boulevard or call 843-249-1625.

  • Ghosts and Legends Theater

    Ghosts and Legends Theater is also at Barefoot Landing, and here you’ll discover a number of inroads into the paranormal. You could make a night of it if you started with the stage show starring all the local ghosts, who will require you to find the secret panel. Then take the Ghost Walk for a narrated tour of spooky spots and Southern lore. Finally, wind it all down with the Blackbeard Séance, summoning the world’s most famous pirate in a recreation of a 1850s séance. Go to 4848 Highway 17 or call 843-361-2700.

  • House of Blues

    Another House of Blues is at Barefoot Landing, an offshoot of the location at Myrtle Beach with a similar line-up of musical performances. Call 843-272-3000.

  • Inlet Point Plantation Stables

    Inlet Point Plantation Stables will take you horseback riding on the beach. Go to 5800 Little River Neck Road or call 843-249-2989.

  • Myrtle Beach Safari

    Myrtle Beach Safari is at Barefoot Landing, and it’s a jungle in there. T.I.G.E.R.S. stands for The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, and the Tiger Preservation Station specializes in the stripy variety of very large cats. Here you can visit with Bengals, Siberians, Royal White Bengals, and the rare Golden Tabby. That’s at 4898 South Highway 17, phone 843-361-4552. A related and much larger facility 17 miles south is Wild Encounters Tours, a 50-acre preserve with tigers, wolves, leopards, chimpanzees, orangutans and others. Contact this remote facility at 843-283-8894.

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