Why Flying To Myrtle Beach Can Save You Money

Friday, January 17, 2014 – by OVR Staff
If you’re like so many thousands of people across the country, you’re growing weary with winter and already thinking and planning your next vacation. For many, that vacation is spent right here on the Grand Strand! This is the time to start planning your vacation and save some money by planning ahead. While most people still pack up the family car and drive to Myrtle Beach, more and more are choosing to fly instead. Myrtle Beach International airport has recently expended and they are welcoming more and more airlines, which pass the savings to you. So, with flying becoming more convenient than ever, have you thought about packing for a week-long family vacation? Here’s a great tip!

Instead of lugging all those suitcases through the airport, consider shipping them ahead at your UPS location! They offer a “luggage box” which can be shipped ahead so that it will greet you on arrival here in Myrtle Beach. If you think this is too expensive, think again! Most airlines charge big fees now to check luggage and when you multiply that with the number of family members flying, it can get VERY costly! Shipping your luggage ahead can actually save you money. Also, this means you would not need to show up hours ahead to the airport. You can just check in at a kiosk and then proceed straight to security.
Be sure to pack a bag with activities for the kids and take a carry-on bag with your personal items and a change of clothes. Call us today to book your perfect beach house or condo and then ship your bags ahead, show up and start relaxing!

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