What You Might Not Know About Sunscreen

Saturday, August 24, 2013 – by OVR Staff
We all know that adequate sunshine is necessary to maintain a healthy life. I have actually lived in the arctic region of the world and watched first hand how the lack of sunshine for months out of the year can cause depression, a rise in addictive behaviors such as alcoholism, as well as a deficiency in some major essential vitamins. Let’s face it—we were made for sunlight and we thrive with adequate sunshine. That’s why millions of people all over the world are constantly bathing and basking in the sun, yet not really considering what too much sun might be doing. Too much of a good thing in this case can lead to skin cancer and heat stroke. All it takes is one bad burn to set you on the path for serious skin damage.

Don’t take chances with your skin! Get to know how to properly buy and use sunscreen. It’s more than just a vogue cream that gets added to your makeup or skin care products. Contrary to popular belief, you can still catch some serious rays while wearing good sunscreen. It’s all about the right product for your particular skin.
I have seen so many friends and family come to Myrtle Beach and have their entire vacation completely ruined by an agonizing sunburn. You have no idea how debilitating a bad burn can be unless you’ve had one. It can cause painful water blisters, peeling, and even scarring that can take months to heal. You have to remember that a sunburn is just that—a burn. Sometimes first or second-degree burns, and sometimes even third degree burns.
Make sure you understand how to buy sunscreen! For instance, did you know that the SPF number on the bottle doesn’t have anything to do with how strong the sunscreen is, but rather how long you can leave it on before needing to apply more? It’s true. Take the amount of time you can usually stay out before burning, then multiply that number times the SPF and you’ll get a rough idea of the number of minutes you can be out in the sun protected effectively. Don’t save big bottles of unused sunscreen—they lose their effectiveness over time and chances are if you have sunscreen more than a year old, it is not as effective as it needs to be. Throw it out and start fresh!

Don’t take chances with your skin! No matter what your complexion is, you still need protection from the sun. Our society has made it vogue to sit and bake for hours in the sun. Nowadays, people are seeing the truth and it’s becoming much more accepted and “en vogue” to stay out of the sun and work to maintain a porcelain complexion. It’s no secret that overexposure to the sun causes premature aging and wrinkles, so why go there if you don’t have to? Keep fresh sunscreen in your cabinet at all times, and don’t forget to apply it in areas easily forgotten, such as tops of feet, behind arms and ears and nose. Remember to start applying sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you go out so that it can soak in properly.
No excuses—never mess around with your sunscreen! It could literally save your life. At the very least, you’ll look a whole lot younger as a result of having used it along with a healthy diet. Don’t let your vacation be ruined this year—use at least an SPF 15 and make sure you apply it often if you’re in the water. Stay protected and enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation!

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