Top 5 Reasons To Spend Christmas In Myrtle Beach

Top 5 Reasons To Spend Christmas In Myrtle Beach

Friday, December 13, 2013 – by OVR Staff
If you’ve never thought about spending your Christmas vacation in Myrtle Beach, you need to read this article! Myrtle Beach offers some wonderful things to enjoy during the holidays. We’re serious about our Christmas spirit around these parts! Following is a list of just a few of the reasons why should come to the beach for Christmas!

If you think the sidewalks all roll up in the winter, think again! The only thing missing in winter are the high prices you’d pay in the summer. Myrtle Beach has its own unique benefits during the winter months and there is still plenty of family fun to be had! Here are our top five reasons to come to the beach for Christmas…

1.Cheaper prices! You won’t be paying for that crazy supply and demand. You can come enjoy a luxury condo or hotel that you might not be able to afford during peak season.

2.Cooler, more comfortable weather! It’s still very mild during the winter, but can get cool enough to bundle up for some cozy walks on the beach. If you love crisp air but hate the cold and snow, Myrtle Beach is your place to be!

3.Fantastic Christmas shopping! Myrtle Beach is chock full of outlet stores and malls, giving you the chance to get all your shopping done. These stores are very desperate to clear their summer stock and will slash prices during this time of the year. You can take advantage of this unique time of year for the retail industry and save tons of money!

4.Enjoy special Christmas entertainment. All of the theaters and shows here in Myrtle Beach offer spectacular Christmas shows and productions. They generally run from November till the end of January, so you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the shows that you won’t see during the rest of the year!

5.Cheaper golf! If you love to golf, many courses here in Myrtle Beach offer fantastic deals during the winter months. Many times you can play 18 holes at a mere fraction of the cost of peak season. All you need is possibly a sweater!

As you can see, we have tons to offer here in Myrtle Beach for a winter get-away. Coming for Christmas affords some very special opportunities for locals and visitors alike. Before you leave, be sure and take advantage of Brookgreen Garden’s Night of a Thousand Candles, or Ripley’s Aquarium’s Festival of Trees where you can tour their trees from all 50 states. Most restaurants stay open during the winter, so you’ll be able to enjoy that as well.

Come on to Myrtle Beach for Christmas—call today for the perfect condo at a LOW price and let us hook you up for the perfect Christmas vacation!

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