Tips For Making Your Myrtle Beach Vacation the Best It Can Be

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 – by OVR Staff
We vacationed in Myrtle Beach every year when I was a kid. I mean, EVERY summer! That was like Christmas. You just didn’t skip the trip to the beach each summer and as a child, I remember lots of hours spent down on the beach, coming in red as a lobster and covered in sand, and then going out to do it all over again the next day. Lots of things have changed about Myrtle Beach over the past couple of decades, but all that beach time has certainly not been one of them! However, I’ve also discovered that some fairly small things can mean the difference between a safe and comfortable Myrtle Beach vacation or one where you feel like you need a separate vacation just to recover. Here are some tips to help you have the best Myrtle Beach experience possible!

Use sunscreen!! I can’t stress this enough. Even if you tan easily, your skin is still prone to ultraviolet rays that can cause damage or skin cancer down the road. Be safe and protect your skin by using good quality sunscreen of at least SPF 30. You can go even as high as SPF 50, but sunscreen with higher numbers than this can tend to trick a person into thinking they don’t need to use it as often or as much. This can actually work against you if you’re not using sunscreen as you should. Stick with a 30-50 SPF and reapply often, especially after getting wet. If you’ve ever had a bad sunburn, you won’t want to repeat it. These burns can utterly ruin a vacation to the beach. Don’t spend your day in the ER—use your sunblock!

Take a big blanket to the beach with you. If you only take towels, you won’t have anything to dry off with that isn’t full of sand. Blankets are better because they give you more space, and the towels can be just for drying off. Weigh the corners of the blanket down with heavier objects and your blanket will stay put all day!

Buy a good quality beach umbrella. You’ll be happy you did! The cheaper ones will be destroyed before the end of the day, but a good one will last you for many vacations. These beach umbrellas can really make or break your time at the beach and give everyone a break from the wind and sun. If you have small children along, give them lots of time to get under the shade, drink plenty of fluids and rest. Little ones will even take a nap under a good umbrella!

Finally, keep some plastic milk jugs or 2 liter soda bottles full of water in the car. This comes in really handy when you’ve walked through the sand, across the parking lot and don’t want to get in the car all sandy. Use the water jugs to rinse off feet and legs and keep all that extra sand OUTSIDE your car!

Don’t let anything keep you from enjoying your Myrtle Beach vacation this summer! Call us today at Oceanfront Vacations for that perfect condo or beach house to help make your family’s memories for years to come—Myrtle Beach awaits you!

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