The Perfect Thanksgiving In a Beach House

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 – by OVR Staff
Have you made your Thanksgiving plans yet? Well, why not gather your family together for a Thanksgiving celebration you’ll never forget right here in Myrtle Beach! I speak from experience because I have done it with my family and it was the best and most memorable Thanksgiving holiday we can remember.

For many, the beautiful beachfront houses in Myrtle Beach are out of reach due to the rental prices. However, most of them are huge and have several bedrooms, making them the perfect place for large family gatherings. They all feature big kitchens that are fully stocked, which makes them perfect for all the cooking and baking fun that comes with a holiday meal. This means that even if the rental fees seem high, it can easily be obtained when several people go in together. Many of these beach houses have up to 8-10 bedrooms, so several families could easily stay together.
When my own family decided to do this, we rented a big beach house that has a main house, a courtyard, and two other smaller wings that held more bedrooms and bathrooms. Everyone had their privacy and was able to come and hang out together in the main house. The kids were able to take naps in a quiet bedroom while the adults watched TV or cooked or went to the beach. Speaking of the beach, there is easy access to the beach and a shower to rinse off before coming back inside. Many of our beach homes have large decks and pools where you can leave your towels to dry. Full scale laundry rooms also allow you to stay on top of your dirty clothes as needed.
Usually, towels and linens are not included in the rental fee, but can be ordered for an extra charge. Most people prefer to just bring their own linens and wash them as needed.
Renting a large beach house to spend Thanksgiving in gave my relatives a phenomenal place to play and enjoy each other. We played games, relaxed, walked the beach, enjoyed the cooler air, and of course, enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving dinner that we prepared together! Keep in mind that the weather in Myrtle Beach is perfect this time of the year—not too cold and not too warm. Average fall temps are in the 60s during the day and 40s and 50s at night. You might want a jacket to walk the beach since it’s windier along the ocean, but you will love the fall weather and all that goes along with it here in Myrtle Beach. So come on down and enjoy your holidays with us!

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