Staying Safe In the Heat

Monday, July 28, 2014 – by OVR Staff
Ever wonder about staying safe in the heat? Well, we are in the hottest part of the year here in Myrtle Beach, and that means you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself and your family from the damaging effects of a heat wave. It’s easy to forget just how hot it really is if you are spending all your time on the beach! But, even with the ocean water and breezes, you still need to know how to prepare for excessive heat. Here are some great tips:

Check the local weather for the day and find out any watches or warnings concerning heat advisories. The first step is knowing what to expect.
Watch for heat index values. This is the temperature that it feels like outside when humidity levels are factored in with the actual temperatures. If it is really humid and it’s 90+ degrees, then you can easily have heat index values well over 100 degrees. This means that you are far more likely to get dehydrated and not know you have heat exhaustion until it’s already hit you.
Stay inside if possible during the hottest part of the day. If you don’t have air conditioning, then try to find a friend or other place you can hang out for awhile.
Be sure to take care of your pets!! They too are very vulnerable to excessive heat, so be sure they can spend some time out of the sun and that they have plenty of water and shade! Heat can often be fatal for animals once they have started to have a heat stroke. Whatever you do, NEVER leave your pets in a hot car, even for a few minutes!!
Stay hydrated!! We can’t stress it enough—drink a gallon of water a day. Especially if you are at the beach all day. Swimming zaps you of energy and it’s easy to get dehydrated and fall ill before you even know what happened. Come out of the water often to rehydrate. Make sure your kids do the same!
Watch out for the elderly. They are most vulnerable during a heat wave and should never be left alone during these times. Older people don’t regulate their inner body temperature as well as young people do, so they can easily get overheated. Make sure elderly people drink plenty of fluid and have access to shade if outdoors. Staying indoors in the AC is the best thing for seniors!
Wear light colored, loose clothing.
If you get leg cramps while outdoors in the heat, come in right away and cool down. This is a sure sign of dehydration.
Know the signs to look for: heat exhaustion symptoms include, but are not limited to: cold, clammy skin, nausea, vomiting, passing out, weakness, headache and dizziness. If any of these happen to you, take steps to treat yourself for heat exhaustion, first moving to a cooler spot! You can use cold packs on the forehead, back of the neck, armpits, as well as the ankles and wrists. This will help you feel better quick! If heat stroke happens to you, be sure to drink as much as possible, and cool these key places on your body down. Try not to drink ice cold water—it’s too shocking to your system. Drink lots of water slowly, and at room temperature.
Finally, call 911 for help if you or anyone else is showing signs of heat stroke or has passed out. They are experienced in dealing with this issue here in Myrtle Beach and can help you get better fast. Never hesitate to call and get medical attention—it’s better to be safe than sorry! Remember they are here to serve you.
We hope you have loads of fun while in Myrtle Beach! Just be a smart vacationer and stay safe from the effects of the heat. We’re here to help if you need us!

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