September In Myrtle Beach

Monday, September 2, 2013 – by OVR Staff
Well, summer is officially over now and that means our peak tourist season is also over. But it does NOT mean that the fun in Myrtle Beach is over! If you didn’t make it to the beach this summer, why not come now? Here are a few great reasons why the latecomers get the best deal!

Smaller Crowds! Fewer people on the beach means more sand and tranquility for you to enjoy. It also means you can make a last minute trip to the beach without needing advance reservations. There are amazing deals and discounts on oceanfront condos and houses after Labor Day!

The area attractions are still open, but not nearly as crowded. Places you’d normally have to stand in line for will now be easy to enjoy without all the waiting! If you love going on the rides of the Pavilion Nostalgia Park, you’ll be able to ride them over and over with little wait time. Talk about a deal!

Great Weather! Dog Days of summer have finally passed and the some cooler air is finally here. Our weather during the fall season here in Myrtle Beach is absolutely amazing. Still very warm and sunny during the days, but a little cooler and more pleasant at night. Perfect for evening walks on the beach! Also, the cool early mornings are the best time for finding a treasure trove of seashells.

Why not come to Myrtle Beach for a fall vacation? We have your perfect condo or house and now that the crowds have disappeared, a few steps are all you’ll have to take to find your perfect piece of beach to enjoy. Give us a call today for some great deals and come see why we love the beach in September!

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