Renew Your Spirit With the Quiet Side of Myrtle Beach

Renew Your Spirit With the Quiet Side of Myrtle Beach

Sunday, September 22, 2013 – by OVR Staff
It’s hard to believe, but as I was strolling through our local home and garden center this week looking for plants, I noticed the workers clearing shelves and making room for…wait for it…CHRISTMAS TREES. It seems to get earlier every year! I mean the Halloween candy wasn’t even out a full 24 hours yet! While I love Christmas, it does seem a bit premature to start putting decorations out in the middle of September. But, I guess it goes to show you the crazed consumer culture we live in! Which got me to thinking about the many people who come to visit Myrtle Beach in the fall….

There’s definitely tons to do here in Myrtle Beach even after the summer passes. But did you know that this crazy bustling tourist town also offers quaint beauty and tranquil escape? It really is possible here to reconnect with nature and discover the natural beauty of the area. Here are just a few things you can do that don’t involve thousands of other tourists, noisy rides and games, or busy retail outlets.

Go Hiking. That’s right. You can hike here at Myrtle Beach State Park. There are lots of hiking trails with tons of natural wildlife and plants to observe along the way. It’s 300 acres of quiet beauty and campgrounds, should you want to just park here and not leave!

Reconnect With Nature. Huntington Beach State Park is just a few minutes south of Myrtle Beach and there you can enjoy the private stretch of beach, a freshwater lagoon, salt marshes and even a beautiful boardwalk from which to observe the wildlife. It even has one of the few original coastal forests remaining on the Grand Strand. Worth your time for sure!

Go Green at Brookgreen Gardens! You just can’t beat this place for tranquil beauty and serene nature. If beauty is what you’re after, then come renew your spirit among the 2000 plant species, wildlife, and beautiful sculptures. There are also many events where you can go enjoy music and art while you’re there.

Get Your Golf On! Myrtle Beach is famous for its many dozens of golf courses, many of which were designed by PGA players. You can’t go wrong with getting out your clubs and enjoying a quiet day to think, enjoy beautiful weather and the company of good friends while you golf, all on some of the most spectacular courses anywhere!

Take Morning Walks On The Beach. Let’s face it—there’s nothing more beautiful here than waking up to a gorgeous sunrise over the ocean! Why not get out before the city wakes up and just enjoy a quiet stroll on the beach while the sun rises. It’s truly a reward worth getting up for! As a bonus, the seashells, starfish and sand dollars are at their best early in the morning.

If you’re ready for some time off to unwind, call us today at Oceanfront Vacations and let us help you get the most peaceful place to stay to go with your quiet and peaceful vacation! Prices are amazing right now, so come on down—the water’s still fine!

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