Planning Your Christmas Get-Away In Myrtle Beach

Friday, November 28, 2014 – by OVR Staff
So, it’s the day after Thanksgiving and that means we’re all stuffed on turkey and pumpkin pie. It also means that the Christmas season has officially begun! In this economy, people are looking for deals wherever they can find them, and this also includes travel plans. Have you stopped to think about how you want to spend your holidays? Why not start planning now for a beach getaway with your family!

If you’ve never spent the holidays by the beach, there’s no better time to start! Myrtle Beach is very festive during Christmas and all the sidewalks aren’t rolled up the way it used to be after Labor Day. We have tons of events, lights, parades, and lots of other family-friendly activities that makes the beach come alive in a whole different way than summer season. Chances are you’ve spent at least one family vacation here in Myrtle Beach during the summer, but the city takes on a whole new atmosphere during the holiday season, and you’d never know it unless you come experience it for yourself!
Here are some reasons to come sing fa lal la la in Myrtle Beach this Christmas:
•Great deals. When it comes to oceanfront condos, the most inexpensive time to book is during the months of December and January. Condo owners want to rent their units and so they will often take bookings at a greatly discounted rate rather than make nothing.
•Great weather. While Myrtle Beach does get some cold weather, we usually have mild winters and you will enjoy some walks on the beach with nothing more than a light jacket or sweater. In the unusual event of cold weather, it usually does not stay cold more than a couple of days.
•No crowds. Ever dreamed having the beach all to yourself? Well, chances are you can when you come to Myrtle Beach in December! There are hardly any crowds and you will enjoy the beautiful oceanfront views WITHOUT the wall to wall people. Restaurants and shows are much easier to get into, and many of them offer great deals and discounts during the holidays.
•While the water parks are closed during the winter, most hotels and condos have heated swimming pools, so go ahead and bring your swim suits and take a dip in a hot tub or pool!
•Festive events. Myrtle Beach has lots of fun events for the whole family during the month of December. Whether you want to drive through a Christmas light wonderland set to music with Shadrack’s Light Extravaganza, or enjoy the Carolina Opry Christmas show, or even a great fireworks display, you won’t have any problem getting in the Christmas spirit here at the beach!
Call us today to get the perfect condo or beach house for your Christmas get-away! In Myrtle Beach, we not only know summer vacations, but we also know Christmas, and we invite you to come spend it with us!!

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