Myrtle Beach’s Secret Season

Monday, August 19, 2013 – by OVR Staff
Myrtle Beach’s Secret Season
I’ve lived in Myrtle Beach for 23 years now, and I can tell you, it’s an addictive place. There’s something about living in one of America’s most wonderful tourist towns that is still captivating all these years later. The interesting thing about our tourist industry is that we have a different kind of tourist for each of our “seasons.” When most people think of Myrtle Beach, they are flooded with images of summer vacations, walks on the boardwalk, or hours spent at the iconic Pavilion Amusement Park. Of course, the summer months in Myrtle Beach bring tons of memories to all those who have spent summers here, and we as locals share those memories. I always loved driving downtown with my windows down and listening to all the squeals and screams on the roller coasters or water rides at The Pavilion. And I loved driving by all the miniature golf courses, watching families just enjoy one another in the warm sea air.

But back in the day, the sidewalks pretty much rolled up after Labor Day. Everything went dark, shops closed up, and only the chain restaurants stayed open all year. However, nowadays the fall season holds a special kind of magic all its own. Some people call it our “off season” but we prefer to call it our “secret season.” It’s the special time of year when most of the crowds have cleared out to return to school and jobs, but Myrtle Beach remains a magical place during the fall months….here’s a few reasons why!

•The congested crowds and traffic have died down
•The weather is much more comfortable
•The area attractions are seriously discounted
•Beachfront condos and hotels are much, much cheaper!
•Walks on the beach will produce amazing sea shells
•You can enjoy those walks along the surf with the beach almost all to yourself!
•Taking a stroll down the length of our new Boardwalk will let you see the beauty of National Geographic’s #3 Boardwalk in the country! It’s much easier to enjoy when the crowds are gone.
•We are number 7 in U.S. vacation destinations that are most affordable, among the top ten U.S. beaches, 2nd only to Disney World in most visited destination for family vacations in the U.S.
•In 2011, we were even ranked the #1 best beach in America by TripAdvisor!
•Enjoying the amazing shopping Myrtle Beach has to offer, without the heat and crowds normally associated with our most popular shopping complexes.

Finally, don’t forget the golfers in your life! Myrtle Beach has over 150 golf courses, many of which are designed by PGA winners. Come during the fall months and get some fantastic golf in, beautiful weather and then wine and dine by night in some of Myrtle Beach’s most fabulous restaurants.
Our “secret season” is almost here. Call us today at Oceanfront Vacations and book your trip today and come enjoy our favorite time of year with us!

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