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Saturday, March 16, 2013 – by OVR Staff
Now is the time! Summer is just around the corner and now that spring has arrived here in Myrtle Beach, the entire city is beginning to wake up. The flowers are starting to bloom; the days are warming up with lots of sunshine and low humidity, making it gloriously comfortable outside. This can only mean one thing: it’s time to book your Myrtle Beach vacation! If you can’t make it during the spring here in Myrtle Beach, then the summer months aren’t far off. Either way, your time to relax is coming quickly and we want to help make it the perfect get away for you and your family!

There are some fabulous things to do here in Myrtle Beach during spring. If you find the ocean water still a little too cold for your liking, you can always take a long walk on the beach and enjoy some other attractions that are a bit off the beaten path. One of our favorites is Brookgreen Gardens. This is truly a landmark location in our area, just south of Myrtle Beach. It is a stunning display of art, sculptures, and gardens that will inspire you and surround you with beauty.

Also, just south of Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet is Huntington Beach State Park. This is not only a fabulous park with tons of wildlife and beaches, picnic shelters, etc, but it is also the home of Atalaya Castle, which is on the National Register of Historic Landmarks. There are tours offered and it is only $1 per person to tour the castle. Well worth your time to explore this amazing, and not-so-well-known spots here in Myrtle Beach!

We might be known as a party spot and beach hangout, but we also have lots to offer for those of you who love natural science and history! Consider coming to Myrtle Beach for a true spring break—one to refresh your mind, as well as your spirit. The weather is wonderful now, the beaches are breezy and the sunrises are spectacular. Come and grab your coffee, a good book and get ready to get reconnected with those you love! We’re here for you, no matter what season you come, so call us today at Oceanfront Vacations and let us help you get the perfect condo or house today.

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