Hurricane Preparedness While In Myrtle Beach

Sunday, June 30, 2013 – by OVR Staff
Even if you’re one of our millions of treasured visitors here in Myrtle Beach, you still should be aware of hurricanes and how to prepare for them. Hurricane season is from June-November in the Atlantic basin and that means that while we don’t get them often, it is always a possibility and therefore should be taken seriously. The key is to know your stuff ahead of time. The South Carolina coast has seen its share of hurricanes through the years, although we have been blessed not to see any major ones in recent years. The weather experts are all predicting that we are overdue for a major hurricane, meaning a category 3 or higher. While chances are slim that you would be impacted while on vacation here in Myrtle Beach, it’s good to have the facts and be prepared concerning hurricane safety.

Some important things to keep in mind about hurricanes:

•First of all, if a hurricane watch is issued for our area, pay attention to official instructions and take action. This means getting necessary supplies, water, medicines, etc. before the storm hits. Each family member should have enough water for 3 days. If you are in an area that has not been evacuated, fill tubs and sinks with water and stock up on non-perishable food items to last for a few days.
•If a mandatory evacuation is called, be sure to know your evacuation routes. Signs are posted on all roadways that are used for evacuation routes. Gather enough food for 3 days that is non-perishable and take it with you in your car. Make sure your gas tank is full. If possible, this should be done ahead of time when preparations are underway.
•Find out where the shelters are in your area. If you are not able to get out of town in a timely fashion, then go to the nearest shelter and await further instructions. Shelters are usually in sturdy buildings like schools or churches. Be sure to find out if they will take pets if this is a concern.
•Do not drive through flooded roads! It only takes a few inches of water for a car to get washed away and cause people to drown. The currents in flooded creeks and streams can be extremely dangerous so never attempt to cross them.

Remember that first responders will be busy with restoring power and clearing debris from streets, etc., so it’s important to heed hurricane warnings and evacuate if you can. It might seem exciting to ride out the storm, but you will most likely lose power and have little access to outside supplies or help. It’s much better to return to the city safely, rather than risk you or your family’s well being. Chances are, you will not be impacted by a hurricane while on vacation to Myrtle Beach, but it’s always best—and smart—to know how to prepare and what to do if the event does happen. Stay safe and as always, Myrtle Beach welcomes you!

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