Get Ready To Get Your Surf on In Myrtle Beach!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 – by OVR Staff
Bet you didn’t know that among all the other fabulous things to do here in Myrtle Beach, you can also get in some great surfing! While we may not be known as the world’s best surf destination, we definitely have some great waves to catch for the average or beginning surfer. The waves here in Myrtle Beach tend to be more average in size, making it much more easy for those learning to surf, or those who want to enjoy a day of surfing without a difficulty that’s too high.

Typical waves in the summer are around the knee-high mark, making it a great size for relaxed surfing or even body boarding. During the summer months, you can expect lighter winds early in the morning, and shifting winds later around noon to a more southeasterly direction. They winds can be anywhere from 10-20 knots.

The prime time to catch some surfing here in Myrtle Beach is the later summer months, into the fall. You especially won’t be disappointed if the year’s hurricane season was fairly active. In these seasons, the waves are often way over your head!

Many people often ask why the waves here in Myrtle Beach aren’t as impressive as some other areas, but looking at a map will give you the answer. You’ll find that Myrtle Beach is actually an island, separated from the continental shelf slightly. This makes our seascape more of a bay type area. The waves become more powerful the closer the seashore is to the continental shelf.

If you are learning to surf, Myrtle Beach is a perfect place! And while you can catch some great waves here, if you want more action with more difficulty, head down to Folly Beach in Charleston and see the difference. It’s just a short drive from Myrtle Beach, and you could enjoy the history and other attractions of that area and still get back to your condo in short order. The seashore in Charleston is not a bay area like Myrtle Beach, so the waves tend to be bigger there.

We might not ever be Hawaii or Fiji when it comes to being a big surfing destination, but Myrtle Beach does offer lots of fun for those wanting a laid back and fun surfing experience! Bring your kids, a board, some fins, and come get your surf on here in America’s favorite beach! If you need more info about the wave action here in Myrtle Beach, check out

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