Fall: Our Myrtle Beach Secret Season Begins

Saturday, August 30, 2014 – by OVR Staff
It’s hard to believe, but the summer season here in Myrtle Beach is almost officially over. It seems to fly by faster every year! This weekend marks Labor Day weekend and that is sort of our “last hurrah” here in Myrtle Beach as far as the main tourist season goes, but it doesn’t have to signal the end for you! As I notice the Christmas stuff out in stores earlier every year, it made me think about all the wonderful people who visit Myrtle Beach during our “secret season” as we locals like to call it. There are so many wonderful things to do and explore here in the fall and winter! If water slides and baking on the beach aren’t your cup of tea, just consider some of the following activities that will make you love coming here in the fall!

The crowds have thinned, so that means you can go enjoy the beach without being elbow-to-elbow with a million other people. Especially in the mornings. I love to come out over the sand dunes and watch the sun rise…it’s tranquil, beautiful, and seems to right everything that’s wrong in my soul at that moment. If you’ve never gotten up to enjoy the sunrise, there’s no better time than the fall season! Try it—you’ll see what I mean. Another perk to early mornings on the beach is the seashells and sand dollars—they wash up early in the morning and the array can be stunning! You’ll never find this variety of shells later in the day.
Get back to nature with a visit to Brookgreen Gardens. This place is simply stunning and is a must-see. It’s one of our jewels and has a gorgeous tour of wildlife, more than 2000 plant species, and amazing sculptures. It’s a wonderful way to get some culture while you’re on vacation!
Go hiking. That’s right—there are many trails to enjoy a great hike or even just a nature walk. This is a great activity to do with your entire family. Check out Huntington Beach State Park, right here in Myrtle Beach. It has one of the only true coastal forests left In the area as well as freshwater lagoons, tons of wildlife, private stretches of beach, and a great boardwalk from which to observe all these things. It’s definitely worth checking out!
Call us today at Oceanfront Vacations and let us help you book your tranquil post-summer vacation this fall! We’ve got great deals going on right now, so come and enjoy our secret season!

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