Driving To Myrtle Beach Vs. Flying

Thursday, July 31, 2014 – by OVR Staff


If you’re like me, you have come to absolutely loathe the process of traveling by airplane. What used to be a fun adventure is now nothing more than a pain in the neck, with more and more regulations and tight restrictions making even the simplest task nearly impossible! It seems like the frustration starts the minute you get to the airport where you are barely allowed to pull up to the curb long enough to get your bags out before some cop tells you that you can’t park there more than a few seconds. Then checking in is equally frustrating—and expensive. Bags used to fly free, but not any longer. Now most airlines charge up to $40 per bag to be checked. Then you get to the security check point and have to virtually strip down in order to pass through. We take our shoes off, we strip of all things metal, and we can’t take more than 2 ounces of liquid ANYTHING on the plane. The list just goes on. So, with all these ridiculous frustrations that come with flying to Myrtle Beach, perhaps we should re-visit the traditional family vacation DRIVE to Myrtle Beach and all the fun that brings!

Driving means a road trip. And for most families, that is half the fun! Except the part where the kids are asking how much farther and are we there yet, every ten seconds….but other than that, once you’ve made sure all the kids have gone to the bathroom and loaded the car down with all the luggage, it’s time to head off for that much needed family vacation to Myrtle Beach!
Kids didn’t have all these gadgets, phones, iPads and cell phones back when we were vacationing to the beach! So, we had to stick to the classic road games to pass the time. Games like I Spy, Geography, Punch Buggie, and License Plate Hunt were among our favorites. I especially loved the last one, competing with my older brother to see who could find the most license plates from around the country. And yes, I always won! Just sayin’…..
Along the way, stop at some local produce stands and enjoy the local bounty of our area. The produce during the summer is second to none! Find a museum or plantation to work into your plans along the way and soak in some of the rich history of our area. It’s time well spent!
So, here are our tips for a fun and successful road trip to Myrtle Beach with the entire family:
•Pack lots of food or snacks! Bring a little cooler if you can and be sure to have drinks on hand.
•Utilize the rest area picnic areas to save money on restaurants while you enjoy sandwiches you brought along.
•Make sure the kids have plenty f car games to keep them occupied. Legos, dolls, coloring books, etc. can make the time go by much faster for your little ones.
•Bring a DVD player if you can. While we certainly didn’t have this luxury, it’s common place among kids today, so take advantage of it and the time will fly by while the kids watch a movie!
•Stop after 2-3 hours to allow everyone to stretch their legs and walk around a bit.

Make your vacation to Myrtle Beach memorable by jumping in the car and taking a road trip! You’ll have the convenience of your own car, and you’ll be in a city that was built for tourists who drive to town. Parking is ample and easy, and there is plenty to do and see once you arrive, not to mention easy access to the beach. We hope you have a blast with us here in Myrtle Beach this summer!

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