Driving To Myrtle Beach Is Half the Fun!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 – by OVR Staff
For most of us, vacation is a coveted time, so we don’t want to be sitting around wasting precious time in airports and layovers in other cities. Even sitting on an airplane feels like a big chore these days! Just getting through security detail is enough to make you want to forget the whole thing and just stay home. But if you live within a reasonable driving distance of Myrtle Beach, SC, you can actually be in control of your travel time and have some fun getting here! Why not start your vacation fun the moment you pull out of your driveway? Here are some tips to get you started making your drive time seem like fly-time!

Most of us remember the good old days when car trips to our vacation destination were half the fun! No matter where you are driving from, your trip to Myrtle Beach, SC can be a fun one. Did you know that there is no interstate that comes directly into Myrtle Beach? This means that you have the opportunity to explore some off-the-beaten-path secondary roads on your way to your Myrtle Beach vacation! My family does this a lot and you’ll be amazed what you can find by either using a Google search of interesting stops along the back roads or just using a map to see what the small towns might have to offer along the way. The south is a fabulous place to take a car trip because you can find all sorts of roadside vendors, produce stands, basket weavers and other wares along the way. You can even find some of the most local, fresh seafood anywhere right on the side of the road with a local vendor selling right out of the back of their truck. Talk about fresh caught! It was just caught moments earlier and you could be eating or sampling it within minutes!

Another great reason to drive to Myrtle Beach is having a car while you’re here. Why rent a car and go to all that expense when you could just have your own car? You’ll find that it’s worth it to enjoy the drive in and have the freedom that your car will provide. Parking in town is not bad and there is almost always somewhere to park close to the ocean or other attractions in town. This is a town built for car travelers! Take a day and drive to the nearby towns of Georgetown, Wilmington, Charleston, or the local seafood towns of Murrells Inlet or Calabash, NC. You won’t be sorry!

Myrtle Beach has high runway landing taxes, so the airlines that do service our area have to charge higher prices. Flying into Myrtle Beach can be a rather expensive trip for many, so again, driving is a great idea! If you’re a golfer, this means not having to pay for extra baggage checks for your golf clubs. You can be in charge of your own transportation and go at your own pace. Isn’t that what vacation is all about? So, take your vacation to the off-road discoveries and enjoy your experience on the road. After all, isn’t getting here half the fun?? Call us today at Oceanfront Vacations and let us get you the perfect condo or house once you’re here—you’re just one call away from the perfect vacation! Drive on in or call us today!

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