Condos and Beach Houses Are Better Than Hotels

Friday, October 31, 2014 – by OVR Staff
If you love coming to Myrtle Beach, you most likely have stayed in many a hotel. While hotels are nice, have you ever considered staying in a condo or beach house instead? There are lots of benefits to choosing this route, not the least of which is financial! Most condos rent weekly, so you’re not paying high nightly rates the way you would in a hotel. If you have friends or family to chip in on the cost, you could come out in really great shape, only paying a small amount each! This is especially true with a beach house.

The amenities are endless. You’ll have access to a full kitchen, full size appliances, laundry room with washer and dryer, and all the things you would need in a kitchen. With a washer and dryer handy, you could wash your own linens and towels as often as you like and not have to pay for extras. Daily maid service won’t be needed and that too will save you a lot of money. Since you’ll be able to cook at home, you may prefer to eat in more often and save money on all the restaurant bills. Plus, you can bring in whatever groceries you like and have a place to store them properly. All houses and condos also come with a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies for your convenience. The only cleaning fee you’ll pay is the cleaning that will happen after you leave.
Saving money on food, nightly rates, etc., means that you’ll have extra money for the fun stuff around Myrtle Beach! November is a fun month around here, and if you’ve never taken a fall vacation, now is your time! The crowds are gone, the weather is beautiful and comfortable, and you’ll be able to enjoy a quieter, more serene beach. This is what we all want on vacation, right?! Come get away in an oceanfront condo or beach house. Call us today and let us help you see just how much money you can save!

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